The mission of AAFSA is to raise awareness regarding career development opportunities and resources available to African American employees of UC Davis Health.  Our goal is to help each individual realize his or her career growth potential, and then assist others.  Through collaborative, supportive relationships with community organizations, we share information of mutual benefit, and maximize our prospects for moving onward and upward.

AAFSA has several guiding principles for accomplishing its mission:

  • Principle 1:
    Invest in our future by awarding scholarships
  • Principle 2:
    Finance our budget through fund raisers
  • Principle 3:
    Fellowship with staff and faculty to facilitate African American Comradery in the workplace
  • Principle 4:
    Promote upward mobility through career development and mentorship programs
  • Principle 5:
    Sponsor and support special events to strengthen our bond with the community