Pain is a complex health issue that has significant human and economic costs. There has been momentum to strengthen pain care across health professions; however, there is no agreement on the basic core competencies each clinician should possess to effectively manage pain. The Interprofessional Pain Management Competency Program sought to address this issue by identifying core competencies in pain management for prelicensure clinical education that can serve as a framework in the development of comprehensive and effective pain care management curricula.

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Recent news

To date, eight organizations have endorsed the Pain Management Core Competencies. These leading international and national professional groups are:

  1. American Academy of Pain Medicine
  2. Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  3. Council on Social Work Education
  4. International Association for the Study of Pain
  5. National Association of Social Workers
  6. American Council of Academic Physical Therapy
  7. American Society for Pain Management Nursing

A June 2013 Pain Medicine article written by UC Davis faculty and experts from around the globe describes the development of core competencies in pain management education for new health professionals. Click here to read the full article.