As part of the juicing trend, celery juice has become a popular health craze throughout the nation. Considering celery is around 95% water, we wanted to know if there are any actual benefits to juicing and drinking it. Here is some guidance on this topic from Marie Barone, senior dietitian with UC Davis Health Management and Education.

Are there unique health benefits to celery?

Barone: Like most vegetables, celery is a healthy food choice. It contains potassium, vitamin A and vitamin K, along with some folate, vitamin C and antioxidants. All of these nutrients are necessary for maintaining a healthy body.

Are there certain people who should avoid eating celery or drinking celery juice?

Barone: Eating plant-based foods is a very healthy habit. Some people may need to eat less of a substance in some foods, including celery, called oxalates. This is true for people with a certain type of kidney stone. Anyone who tends to get kidney stones should work closely with a dietitian on a meal plan that is right for him/her.

What's the best way to eat celery and get the maximum health benefit?

Barone: Depending on the type of juicer used, much of the fiber — essential to digestive health — in foods may be lost when it is juiced. Eating celery whole provides more fiber than the juice.

What do you think of the current celery-juice craze?

Barone: Celery juice is safe and healthy, though there is little scientific evidence to support claims that celery juice is healthier than eating whole celery. Another popular claim about celery juice is that it strongly reduces inflammation. There is little evidence, however, that this is true.

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