mom potty trains toddler

Potty training is an important developmental milestone. Many children will obtain day time continence by 24-36 months, and nighttime continence follows later, usually by age 6. There are many different strategies for potty training, and in this episode we discuss the child-oriented approach to potty training, how to identify when your child is ready to start, strategies to set your child up for success, and common issues that arise while potty training.

This episode written by Drs. Lena van der List and Dean Blumberg.

Supplemental material:

More Supplemental material - UpToDate resources for parents:

Books for children:

  • "No More Diapers" by JG Brooks
  • "Your New Potty" by Joanna Cole
  • "Once Upon a Potty" by Alona Frankel (versions for boys and girls available)
  • "All By Myself" by Anna Grossnickle Hines
  • "Going to the Potty" by Fred Rogers
  • "KoKo Bear's New Potty" by Vicki Lansky
  • "The Princess and the Potty" by Wendy Cheyette ("The Prince and the Potty," also available)
  • "It Hurts When I Poop! A Story for Children Who Are Scared to Use the Potty" by Howard Bennett
  • "The New Potty" by Gina Mayer and Mercer Mayer
  • "Potty" by Leslie Patricelli
  • "The Potty Book" by Alyssa Satin Capucilli and Dorothy Stott (version for boys and one for girls)
  • "P is for Potty" (Sesame Street)

Videos for children

  • "Toilet Training the Brazelton Way" by TB Brazelton
  • "The American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Toilet Training" by Mark Wolraich
  • "Parents Book of Toilet Teaching" by Joanna Cole
  • "The Potty Journey: Guide to Toilet Training Children with Special Needs" by Judith A. Coucouvanis

Mobile phone or tablet "apps"

  • Once upon a Potty (one version for boys and one for girls) by Oceanhouse Media
  • Potty Training Learning with the Animals by 1tucan
  • Potty Time with Elmo by Sesame Street

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