How did your story begin – what brought you to UC Davis Children's Hospital?
In 1989, I had a rare ependymoma brain tumor, removed by Dr. Michael Edwards at UCSF. It was an 11-hour surgery and I was 12.

At my 10 year follow-up, Dr. Edwards literally told me, "I don't know what to tell you, when you were sick, no one else had lived this long." I owe this man my life!

St. Jude's has been following me in their long-term follow-up study for years. They confirmed that I am one of only a handful of people from that era known to have survived! When I moved to the Sacramento area 15 years ago, I knew I had to have insurance covering UC Davis "just in case." Well, now I see neurologist Dr. Masud Seyal for my drug-resistant epilepsy, maybe caused by the brain tumor in the first place? Well, it got to the only point where I needed surgery and UC Davis neurosurgery has been in my head multiple times and now I FINALLY have some epilepsy relief! UC doctors are the best!

How did UC Davis Children's Hospital make your experience better?
Epilepsy is a zillion times better! I still have the occasional seizure and am not legally allowed to drive, but my seizures have gone down ten times over!

Is there a UC Davis staff person you'd like to mention, and, if so, why?
All that have treated me, doctors nurses, the whole gamut!

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your UC Davis Children's Hospital experience?
Go there, don't bother with Kaiser or your local hospital. Don't bother with a local hospital, go to a UC!

– Testimonial submitted by Kate Bornino