Our Healthy Twelve-Year-Old Has Stroke

The doctors still aren’t sure what happened. There was no warning. Channel was at school and had just run a couple of miles during gym. Afterwards, she just seemed to collapse. At first, someone thought she might have gotten hit with a football.


We soon learned, that, at the age of 12, Channel had had a stroke.

We were devastated. We had no idea how this could have happened. How is it possible for a 12-year-old child to have a stroke? And, why our child? Channel was immediately taken to the Kaiser ER where they thought she was having a seizure. When they realized it was a stroke, she was transferred to another Kaiser location, where she stayed for the next ten days. She was then transferred to UC Davis Children’s Hospital, where she remained for the next four to five weeks.

UC Davis Nurses Go Extra Mile

One of the most difficult things for us was figuring out what to say to Channel about all this and getting her through it. Channel has always had an amazing attitude. We’ve always told her that she can overcome anything. Even facing this enormous hurdle, she’s proven us right. We’d like to thank the UC Davis Children’s Hospital staff–they were excellent and very caring. The very first Sunday we were all able to go to church together, one of Channel’s nurses came to our church, bringing Channel roses.

See what Channel’s Up to Now!!

Channel Continues To Be an Inspiration

We are so proud of Channel. She’s now 14 and has endured and persevered through the last two years beautifully. Although she has yet to regain full mobility on her right side (primarily in her right hand) she continues to work on it. Her smile, spirit and loving, caring heart are an inspiration to all. She’s always been a great student and is currently enrolled in a college prep school. She continues to be a very active member at church. Still part of the choir, she plans on returning to praise dancing when her school schedule allows. We’re very pleased with our daughter and at the outcome.
— Channel’s mom, Tomico, was interviewed for this story