“When Chloe was six weeks old, her jaundice still hadn't gone away. What we thought was a routine blood draw to rule out anything serious turned into a trip to the ER and a three-hour ambulance ride to UC Davis Children's Hospital.

Chloe was diagnosed with a rare liver disease called Biliary Atresia. She had surgery at seven weeks old, and is now 1 year post Kasai procedure.

Chloe has the best team we could ever have asked for. Her nurses Jessica and Jillian were exactly who we needed for that difficult time. Dr. Haas was incredible and patient with our questions. We couldn't have had better surgeons. Dr. Hirose and Dr. Brown are awesome and without them, I don't know if Chloe would be doing as well as she is doing now.

Thank you everyone that got us through those three weeks in June 2019.”

– Testimonial submitted by Alyssa Able, Chloe's mom