“I chose UC Davis Health for my delivery because I've always been attracted to teaching hospitals. I feel like you need to know what you are talking about in order to teach it, and there's more of a drive to be really up to date on everything. This made me really confident in the physicians, nurses and whole staff. I never had any doubt of the competence here, of everyone who was caring for us. At the same time, I didn't feel like this drive for medical excellence got in the way of our doctors' and nurses' ability to listen to and respect our own wishes. I didn't want to have a medicated birth and that was respected the whole time.

I felt like I was listened to. When you first have a baby it's a really scary experience and I just felt that I had a lot of care available when I needed it. We felt like the nurses here were always there for us, answering questions. And when I was not confident about things, the nurses were right there to make me feel better.

We came back for our second baby, despite the fact that we'd moved up to Folsom and were further away, because our doctor was amazing and we just had a good experience with her the whole time. I really appreciated the great care we got from nurses all the way through to physicians here.”

– Testimonial submitted by Robyn Grimm