“Thea was born in our car. We had this super exciting experience and then 30 minutes later, everything became life threatening as no one at our community hospital could determine what was causing her to be unable to breathe. We were first sent to another hospital in Sacramento and then transferred to UC Davis Children's Hospital where we spent 38 days. We had no warning and had great prenatal care, and we were thrown into this great unknown, with a baby who couldn't breathe.

We have 8 other kids between us, and to spend nearly 6 weeks in the NICU was absolutely life altering. We weren't prepared and we really had to rally. The NICU team really engulfs you and does everything they can to make you feel completely cared for. I felt like I became part of a small family that truly cared for my baby. Spending time in the NICU is an experience I will really never forget. It's very surreal, and I am truly indebted to the team there.”

– Testimonial submitted by Mary Olender, mom to baby Thea