Great job to the UC Davis Fetal Care and Treatment Center Team!!!!


Dear team,

I'd like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU and GREAT JOB to everyone today. We did a new operation for UC Davis and it went about as well as we could have hoped for. The coordination was outstanding, and everyone did their job incredibly well. It led to a very smooth operation and so far, a good outcome. I'm very impressed with our team here, and I'm extremely proud to be part of our group here.

Thank you again.


Shinjiro Hirose




Shinijiro Hirose, MD

Marike Zwienenberg, MD

Nancy T Field, MD

Jacob Stephenson, MD

Laura E Sienas, MD

Rebecca Stark, MD

Laura Galganski, MD

Diana Farmer, MD

Maria Cristina Gutierrez, MD

YuYu Shu, MD

Neil Padharia Ray, MD

Andrew Dobson, MD

Julia Chen, MD-visiting research

Jay Yeh, MD -pets cardiology

Charles Cauldwell, MD- volunteer professor

Frances Poulain, Professor

Nursing: operating room staff


Amy Sterzik, RN Circulator

Christine Valadez, RN Circulator

Amanda Sherwood, RN Scrub

Allison Horseley, RN Scrub

Ann Kathy Rutter, RN CNIII Support Nurse

Attila Bertalan, RN Pre-op Nurse

Paulo (Francis) Atilano, Equipment Specialist

Brent Seffern, Equipment Specialist

Christopher Pelletier, Equipment Specialist

Barbara Eberhard-Kearton, ORA

Anthony Le, ORA

Additional Support Staff


Jake Steele, Stryker Rep

William (Bill) Smith, video recording

Angelique Silva, RN – OB

Christina Gillespie, RN – OB

Amy Powwne, RN – NICU

Tom Miller, RT – NICU

Elizabeth Stanfield, RN – NICU

Becky Wade, RN – NICU

Gina James – Ultrasound Tech

Dian Taylor – RDMS


Carolyn A Parrish, RN, MSN, NE-BC

OR Manager, Pavilion, Children’s Surgery Center

Manager for Same Day Surgery Center OR & Preop/PACU