“Natasha Nieto is a wonderful phlebotomist and we have found her to be invaluable on our Women's Pavilion unit. We are particularly happy with her “Baby Friendly” approach to phlebotomy. If a baby is nursing, and Mom wishes to continue, she will do the blood draw “safely” while baby is at breast. Many Baby Friendly hospitals across the world have instituted this practice, and Natasha is excellent at this. I believe that she could help train others to do this — particularly those who come to our unit. Baby is typically more content and more likely to have a better blood draw. Natasha Nieto is very much loved by nurses and lactation consultants in our department, and I want everyone to know what a complete gem she is. Thank you for helping us to be Baby Friendly when babies are receiving a blood draw.”

– Staff shout out submitted by Debbie Albert