“I cannot thank UC Davis OB enough for the care I received while a patient on their service. My care was a little unique in that I went into the hospital at 30 weeks gestation and had to stay for three weeks on continuous fetal heart monitoring (FHT) until my son was ultimately born premature at 33 weeks on New Year’s Eve.

The team went above and beyond for my care! The OB floor had recently received brand new FHT monitors, but the wireless units had not been received by the hospital yet. For a patient like me who required 24/7 continuous monitoring, I had to be tethered to the machine, essentially limiting my world to 1/4 of my room. After 1.5 weeks, the team was able to track down an old complete unit with wireless monitors so that I was able to explore not only my entire room but I could also walk around the OB floor. It may have been a small task to the physicians but for me, it meant the world because I went from being practically confined to my bed to being allowed to explore the entire unit; quite life changing I can assure you!

My son then spent 2.5 weeks in the NICU, where again he received amazing care!! The physicians and nurses in the NICU are outstanding, and really care about each and every baby!! I will be returning to UC Davis for any future deliveries!!”

– Testimonial submitted by Samantha Brown