Mali-born singer-songwriter Awa Sangho has been a rising star on the global music scene. But when she and her husband Ernest Moreno found out she was pregnant with triplets, she turned to UC Davis Health. 

UC Davis maternal-fetal medicine physician Dr. Véronique Taché saw Awa for weekly checkups during her pregnancy. Taché and Sangho both speak fluent French so Awa’s appointments were conducted in French.

“Carrying multiple babies can increase your risk for a range of conditions including preterm labor,” Taché said. “We wanted to make sure that she and the babies were growing and developing as they should.” 

At 31 weeks, Awa had high blood pressure during a routine appointment. More tests revealed a preeclampsia diagnosis, which can be life-threatening for both babies and mother. The health care team decided to schedule a caesarean section (C-section) the next day.

Awa’s two sons, Ikai and Ubirajara, and one daughter, Korotimi, were born on July 1.

“I was so happy. They were so beautiful and healthy,” Sangho said.

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