The program prepares and allocates human materials for the following purposes:

  • Anatomical study
  • Health care, mortuary science, and forensic science education
  • Clinical, forensic, and basic research
  • Development and testing of new clinical techniques and medical devices

Listed below are links to resources for educators and researchers inquiring about obtaining specimens.

  • For researchers or educators in need of anatomical materials or tissue(s) please refer to the following chart (PDF) for assistance.
  • For researchers conducting clinical trials with living human patients contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB). For researchers in need of specimens contact the Body Donation Program Director Aron Davis via email or direct phone line: 916-734-9562.
  • UC Davis researchers in need of specimens must work within the guidelines of PPM 220-03. Additional information from the Office of Research can be found here.
  • UC Davis researchers requesting anatomical specimens must take and pass the Anatomical Specimen Training e-course through the UC Learning Center.