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UC Davis Data Coordinating Center

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Data Coordinating Center at UC Davis

Facilities, Resources, and Capabilities 

As the data coordinating center (DCC) for the American Burn Association, the UC Davis DCC collaborates with the Department of Defense and clinical investigators in the U.S., Canada, and New Zealand to implement, coordinate, and monitor multi-center clinical studies designed to improve combat casualty outcomes. 

The UC Davis DCC supports investigative teams with:

  • Biostatistical expertise and guidance during study design and implementation through study completion and final analysis
  • Informatics expertise to optimize front end data collection efforts with effective data retrieval mechanisms for interim and final analyses
  • Remote and on-site monitoring of clinical data and regulatory compliance
  • Development of data capture and management systems
  • Development, implementation, and maintenance of 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA compliant electronic study specific data capture tools
  • Site training and coordination of enrollment and study conduct
  • Centralized oversight of all site regulatory and federal compliance
  • Report preparation for governing and oversight bodies & funding agencies
  • Facilitation of communication among researchers and oversight agencies
  • Standardization and quality control measures for data integrity across sites


Supported projects improve burn care and outcomes for patients suffering burn injury from the acute critical phase of care through rehabilitation and return to service.

  • Transfusion Threshold – Optimize burn injury blood transfusion strategy
  • RESCUE – High Volume Hemofiltration (a form of dialysis) in septic shock and acute renal failure
  • ISIS – Development of inhalation injury scoring standards
  • PCR – Use of an innovative PCR technique for early detection of infection
  • ACT – Establish a burn rehabilitation database to improve outcomes
  • COMBEX – Examine efficacy of community-based exercise program
  • Sentinel Gene – Identify a key gene that forecasts severity of response to injury
  • NBR – Use of the National Burn Repository to develop models that predict patient outcomes and develop disaster triage algorithms
  • NBR/NTDB – A national registry project using mortality modeling in combined burn/traumatic injury to optimize outcomes for the injured soldier


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