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Sarcoma research at UC Davis gets boost from Shingle Springs Subaru

Local Share the Love Event to help adolescents and young adults with rare cancer


Research into sarcoma received some traction after Shingle Springs Subaru presented an $82,671 check today to the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center as part of 2020 Subaru of America’s Share the Love Event.

Lor Randall, an internationally recognized sarcoma surgeon and scientist, accepted the oversized check from local dealership owner Bryant McCarver and his wife Kirsten. Randall joined UC Davis Health in 2018, and the McCarver’s teenage daughter Kate was one of his first patients.

Kate McCarver was an avid volleyball player and a sophomore at Oak Ridge High School when she was diagnosed with sarcoma.

Randall, who is chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, is leading research into Sarcoma, a cancer that invades the bone or muscle. Unlike most types of cancers, sarcoma is often found in children and young adults. Kate was only a sophomore at Oak Ridge High School when a sarcoma was detected close to her scapula. The El Dorado Hills volleyball player thought she had injured her shoulder, but a scan spotted a tumor at the site of her sharp pain. Randall carefully removed the cancerous growth and, fortunately, it has not returned. 

“She went back to competing on her volleyball team, but then COVID hit and the season ended,” said her mom. “Kate is now a college student studying psychology and we could not be more grateful for the cancer care she has received at UC Davis. We were impressed to find out we could get this type of high-caliber care close to home.” 

We can’t wait to see what our community can help us generate in 2021.Kirsten McCarver

The McCarvers were so inspired by the successful treatment their daughter received for her rare cancer that they decided in 2019 to “give back” to UC Davis sarcoma research. As part of Subaru’s national Share the Love Event, the company donates $250 for each new car sold during the holiday season. Shingle Springs Subaru decided to match that at their dealership. More than $60,000 was raised locally the first year, which increased in 2020 to the more than $82,000 revealed today. 

Shingle Springs Subaru customers buying new cars from November through January get to choose among several causes they would like Subaru to donate to, and now one of those choices is sarcoma research at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center. 

“The money raised by Shingle Springs Subaru will go directly to researching the disparities in outcomes we see in our adolescent and young adult sarcoma patients,” said Randall. “The McCarver family is showing remarkable dedication to helping other young patients fighting this devastating cancer.” 

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