Our patients tell us . . .

“The information that was provided to me was exactly what I needed to feel less anxious and scared when I met with the surgeon.”

“It has been so reassuring to have someone with me during treatments who has survived cancer and who can help me on this journey. I don’t feel so alone.”

HandsA Peer Navigator program provides special support on a one-to-one basis. It matches cancer patients with trained cancer survivors. These program are available to any cancer patient, regardless of where the patient receives treatment.

Peer navigators are survivors who have been trained to be "cancer coaches." They provide support and resources to help you and those you love. They are also trained to assist you with problem-solving and coping strategies. If desired, a peer navigator can go with you to your doctor's visit or treatments. UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center encourages cancer patients to have on-on-one support with a cancer survivor. The current Peer Navigator program is being re-modeled. Please check back here periodically for updates.