Research Electron Microscopy Laboratory

The mission of the laboratory is to aid the research community in their ultrastructural investigations, using either transmission electron microscopy (TEM) or scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

We are located on the UC Davis Campus in the EM suite of rooms 1429, on the first floor of Tupper Hall. Directions to the lab, can be found here.

Our EM Staff offer a full range of services including, consultation, sample preparation, training on instrumentation or documentation of ultrastructure by our staff. We are prepared to carry out all of the preparation and electron microscopy or share it with the investigator or the investigators designate.

Technicians are available for any technical services, training, or consultation. Arrangements for technician services should be made in advance. A list of our equipment, can be found here.

Small amounts of consumable supplies (digital media, specimen stubs, fixatives, embedding media, etc.) for microscopy may be obtained from our lab and will be billed at our cost (including tax, shipping, and overhead).

We are always willing to discuss the feasibility of projects. The first 0.5 hour is free of charge. We also provide cost estimates without obligation. The ultimate billing of the work will be based upon total technical and instrumentation time utilized.

If a contract is required, we have a University of California at Davis Health template available for your legal department approval.

The UC Davis Tupper Hall EM Laboratory is a fee for service facility. View the full list of our recharge rates.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page.