The Resources, Education, Advocacy, & Counseling for Homeless (REACH) Families Project is an outreach program created by the team at the UC Davis CAARE Center in Sacramento.

As part of a grant through the California Office of Emergency Services, we have partnered with Mustard Seed School and a Volunteers of America family shelter to provide trauma-informed services on site to children and families experiencing homelessness.

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Funds are used to purchase toys and supplies for the children and families we work with who are navigating homelessness.

Please specify that you are giving to the REACH Families Project in the "Special Instructions / Comments" section of the donation page. 

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Mustard Seed School - 1321 N. C St, Sacramento

Through our R.E.A.C.H. Program, we have been working with the staff at Mustard Seed School for children experiencing homelessness, which serves children from preschool through 11th grade. At Mustard Seed, our staff visits weekly and offers psychological screening for children, individual and group mental health services for children, weekly yoga and mindfulness exercises for children, a social skills group for children, and a parenting skills and strategies group for parents experiencing homelessness.

Mustard Seed staff discuss the impact of UC Davis' REACH Families Project

Mustard Seed staff discuss REACH Families with UC Davis

Bannon Street Shelter - 400 Bannon St, Sacramento

We have been working with the staff at Bannon Street Shelter for homeless families, supplying group mental health services and parenting strategies for parents experiencing homelessness. Services at Bannon include parenting skills groups, optional referral to a brief parenting intervention (PC-CARE) for parents and childrem, training for staff members in understanding the effects of trauma on behavior, as well as advocacy to connect with other services that may be needed. 

Bannon Street shelter photo


Our primary goal is to help promote children's positive mental health functioning as we provide mental health services, advocacy, and support to families experiencing homelessness in Sacramento.  During the 2020 pandemic, we are continuing to offer virtual services while keeping in touch with our community contacts in order to maintain a safe involvement under current conditions. Our services include: 

  • Screening for trauma and victimization
  • Trauma-informed yoga for all children to help with emotion regulation skills
  • Social skills groups for all children to help with social and emotional development

REACH Families services graphic

  • Short term trauma-informed mental health services on site
  • Trauma-informed parenting skills groups
  • Crisis counseling on site
  • Brief parenting intervention (PC-CARE) for parents and children
  • Training for staff members in understanding the effects of trauma on behavior
  • Advocacy to connect with other services

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