Mission statementEach year approximately 5,000 children undergoing a range of scheduled and emergent procedures are cared for at the UC Davis Children’s Hospital Children’s Surgery Center, a family-centered and developmentally appropriate environment designed to support children undergoing surgery and their families. The Children’s Surgery Center is located on the first floor of UC Davis Medical Center adjacent to new parking facilities, allowing families ease of access to the Center to begin the admission process. It contains four operating rooms, an extensive recovery room and a large reception area with activities and toys and ample seating for families to wait in comfort for the pre-operative process to begin, and during and after the child’s treatment.

Specially trained pediatric nurses then prepare the child’s documentation and apply necessary identification bands for information and security. Families also will meet the child life specialist who helps the child understand the coming surgery with procedural play exercises. Before surgery, the child’s anesthesiologist will discuss the anesthesia and the need for medication to help the child to relax. The anesthesiologist and the operating room nurse then accompany the child to their treatment. After treatment, families reunite with their child in the recovery room, where the Children’s Surgery Center staff will ensure that the child is made as comfortable as possible.  Prior to departure, the anesthesiologist assesses the child and the family is provided all the information necessary for a continued, safe recovery at home.

The staff of the Children’s Surgery Center also cares for children recovering from radiological procedures performed in other parts of the Children’s Hospital. UC Davis pediatric anesthesiologists and surgeons are among the best in the nation and provide the very best care.  UC Davis is an academic medical center and families will also meet residents, fellows and medical/nursing students.