• UC Davis Pediatric Sports Medicine Program

The Pediatric Sports Medicine program at UC Davis focuses on recognizing and treating sports injuries through a comprehensive evaluation and a team-focused approach to treatment involving physician, therapists, coaches, as well as the athlete and his or her family. Our mission is to provide quality and innovative care to help keep growing children active, safe, and healthy. Sports injury prevention and education is a vital component to our program as we firmly believe that an athlete's thorough understanding of their own condition or injury will hasten their recovery.

Pediatric Sports Medicine sees patients at the UC Davis Sports Medicine Clinic in midtown Sacramento.

UC Davis Sports Medicine
3301 C Street, Suite 1600
Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone: 916-734-6805

  • For both acute concussion and post-concussive syndromes
  • We provide comprehensive care from injury to return to play, with access to neuropsychiatric testing, neuropsychologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons and vestibular rehabilitation clinics.
  • Innovative imaging
  • Access to all UC Davis and local therapists
  • Specialized bracing and orthotics
  • Individualized home therapy programs
  • Pediatric fracture care encompassing growth plate injuries
  • Splinting, casting
  • Post-fracture care and rehabilitation
  • Access to UC Davis orthopedic surgical services
  • Individualized exercise program encompassing medication regimen, chronic condition, and co-morbidities
  • Focused evaluation of exercises barriers, intolerance and nutrition