Dealing with the new way of life during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic can be overwhelming for parents and children, especially when it comes to staying safe at school and other activities.

Below is a list of useful resources, videos and podcasts from UC Davis Health experts for parents to help their children during this unique time. Get additional information about COVID-19 and what you should know

child and parent holding hands in hospital

Why MIS-C is a life-threatening COVID-19 complication parents don’t want to miss

Our chief of pediatric infectious diseases explains Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) and what parents need to know.

at-home COVID-19 test

How at-home rapid COVID tests can help families stay safe during omicron

As the contagious omicron variant continues to spread, people are turning to at-home tests. Learn how to test yourself and your family for the COVID-19 variant.

Which mask protects best against the omicron variant?

The CDC updated its mask recommendations in an effort to help people protect themselves against the omicron variant. See what our health experts have to say.

3 boys showing off their arms after getting vaccinated

COVID-19 vaccines and kids: Answers about the vaccine for children ages 5-11

UC Davis Health pediatricians help answers questions parents may have about getting the COVID-19 for their kids ages 5 to 11.

Additional parenting resources