The Comfort Commitment is a children’s hospital initiative to make comfort management an essential component to pediatric care at UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

In collaboration with children and families, we will develop individualized comfort plans to best support coping with distressing procedures and decrease pain and anxiety.

The fundamental patient care goals for this initiative include:

  • Reduce anxiety and enhance comfort
  • Strengthen coping abilities​
  • Empower children and families
  • Unify procedural comfort measure protocols throughout the children’s hospital
  • ASK the child and caregiver what they know and understand about the procedure
  • SHARE more about the procedure in simple terms using honest, age-appropriate language
  • PLAN for the procedure considering: medicine and numbing options, refocusing techniques, comfort positions and a calming environment
  • DO follow agreed upon plan and ensure the child feels heard as comfort measures can be modified

Along with the quality of care goals outlined above, we know that positive procedure related experiences can create lasting impacts, including:

  • Decreased pre-procedural anxiety
  • Decreased fear of needles
  • Increased adherence with vaccination schedules
  • Acceptance of healthcare needs
  • Positive physiologic, behavioral and cognitive affects in the neonate

    The Comfort Commitment initiative operationalizes the UC Davis Strategic goal to: Lead Person-Centered Care in the best way, at the best time, in the best place, and with the best team.


    Pam Eno Mooney, RN, MSN, CNS-BC

    Diana Sundberg, CCLS

    Fiona Madigan, MSN, RN, CPAN

    Emily McDaniel, MA, CCLS

    Kristine Fredricksen, RN, MSN, PNP, CCRN-NIC

    Amy Weinberg, MS, CCLS

    Joanna Davis, CCLS