pediatric pharmacy servicesThe UC Davis Children’s Hospital offers comprehensive pediatric pharmacy services. We have a dedicated pediatric pharmacy that is solely responsible for dispensing medication to children.

We have highly qualified pediatric-trained pediatric pharmacists on staff at the UC Davis Children’s Hospital. Our pharmacists are responsible for ensuring that the medications prescribed and dispensed to all pediatric patients are safe, effective, and in a form that is friendly for children, such as flavored liquids instead of tablets.

Pharmacists have many responsibilities when it comes to our youngest patients.  We provide a variety of services, including:

  • Attend daily rounds as part of the pediatric patient care team
  • Therapeutic medication monitoring for high risk medications, antibiotics, chemotherapy, drug interactions and allergies
  • Monitoring for adverse effects from medication or other drug related problems
  • Education about medications for pediatric patients and their families
  • Providing drug information to physicians, nurses, and students
  • Assisting with pain management and monitoring of side effects
  • Cost management
  • Medication and allergy histories

Other pharmacy services

Other pharmacy services are available in addition to the inpatient pediatric pharmacy services. If your child has cancer, their medications are dispensed through the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center. For outpatients, medications are dispensed through the outpatient pharmacies.

 Cancer Center pharmacy services – location and hours

 Outpatient pharmacy services – location and hours

 About UC Davis Health’s Pharmacy Services