Want to Engage the Public?

We work with policymakers, healthcare providers, government agencies, professional associations, community organizations and researchers to understand the views and priorities of the public. Whether you are considering changes within your company or local community or are facing a state or national policy dilemma, we can help you engage your constituents. Public deliberation benefits groups in several ways:

  • Informs your organization’s decisions about changes in your healthcare coverage.
  • Helps refine your organization’s response to current policy debates.
  • Conveys your interest in your constituents’ views and values.
  • Increases the educational level of your constituents on current health policy issues.
  • Builds local awareness and participation in health policy issues.
  • Demonstrates a model for others on how to bring your constituents into national healthcare conversations.

"While this 'choice work' is demanding, research showed that public deliberation is a naturally occurring phenomenon that makes use of the human faculty for judgment."
— David Mathews, Kettering Foundation

Mathews, David (2014) "A 35-Year Experiment in Public Deliberation", Journal of Public Deliberation: Vol. 10: Iss. 1, Article 6.