As public input has gained credibility as a relevant contribution to healthcare reform, healthcare leaders have shown interest in developing and instituting deliberative processes with their constituents.

Recent CHCD contract: Optimizing Value (2015-2017)

Dr. Patrick Romano of UC Davis’ Center for Healthcare Policy and Research was the lead on a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant to identify the experiences and needs of individuals who were newly enrolled in Covered California in comparison with those who had employer-based coverage for at least five years.

Using focus groups and surveys, the team identified and compared differences in the needs and perspectives of both groups in terms of the attributes of health care quality; how provider choice and treatments were influenced by cost-sharing; and the resources that plan members used and trusted to help make purchasing and treatment decisions. The project also identified differences between experienced and inexperienced plan members and other sociodemographic characteristics.

The goal of the study was to improve on ways to provide consumers with the information and tools they need to choose health plans and make treatment decisions consistent with their values.

As a sub-contractor, CHCD is worked closely with Dr. Romano and colleagues in researching existing challenges for plan members; developing the discussion protocol; facilitating focus groups; analyzing results; and disseminating findings.

pSCANNER project (2014-2016)

CHCD was an independent contractor with the Betty Moore School of Nursing, UC Davis, on this internet-based, PCORI-funded project to identify the research priorities of patients, clinicians and researchers related to three different medical conditions.

Previous CHCD contracts:

After the "Just Coverage project," five states contracted with us to help them customize this deliberative method for their own states. The Departments of Insurance in Hawaii, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Montana used CHCD’s Just Coverage as the foundation for their work, and CHCD worked with each state to make changes reflecting their states’ interests. Depending on their needs, CHCD also trained their staff in facilitation techniques and data collection and provided technical assistance to achieve the highest quality of project implementation and evaluation.

Others – such as the American Institutes for Research and California’s Health Benefit Exchange – have contracted with CHCD to help develop topics and implement deliberations specific to their interests and circumstances.

CHCD’s nonpartisan work with the public over the past 20 years has brought insights into individual and societal values that are particularly relevant to healthcare reform. With so few nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations focusing on the “citizen” perspective, CHCD’s knowledge can benefit state and national groups that are working to improve healthcare quality, coverage and affordability. Consequently, CHCD staff is often recruited as members of boards and advisory committees.

CHCD’s current or recent activities (partial list):