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Prevention Policy & Practice Group (3PG)

Advancing population health and well-being

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About Us

We are a multi-disciplinary team of public health and preventive medicine professionals dedicated to advancing population health and well-being.

"We are committed to improving health and well-being by embracing the importance of mind, body, and spirit."

Health Living Clinic Initiative

The Healthy Living Clinic Initiative (HLCI) is a 5-year program to advance tobacco cessation using quality improvement methods. The HLCI will provide consultation to up to 40 community clinics serving at-risk populations.

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HLCI - Resources for Clinic Staff

These resources are for developing a system-based approach to advancing tobacco cessation in each Healthy Living Clinic Initiative partner clinic.

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HLCI - Resources for Patients

These resources are for patients who have quit tobacco, or who are planning to quit tobacco.


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Nutrition, Physical Activity, &...

Within these areas, we have experience in program development, evaluation, and health policy.

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Greening & Health

Our expertise in connecting the natural world with health and well-being spans across research, practice and policy.

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Health System Transformation

Our efforts focus on advancing prevention, supporting a whole health perspective, and addressing the needs of populations with low income.