Tasleem Chechi, M.P.H.
Project Policy Analyst; CA Quits Program

Tasleem Chechi has over 10 years of experience in research, community health and epidemiology. She works with CHPR's CA Quits team as the quality data analyst.

Previously, Tasleem was the program manager for the UC Davis Emergency Department Public Health Screening Program, where she assisted an emergency medicine physician in launching a robust program that identified patients infected with HIV, hepatitis C and/or syphilis and assisted in linking them to care. Furthermore, she has worked at several local health departments as a senior health educator and a supervisor for the health education unit. In addition, she has FEMA Emergency Management Institute Public Information Officer training and was a public information office for Sutter County for one and a half years. She has extensive public speaking skills and has presented at various venues on community health issues, such as tobacco, alcohol, infectious diseases and emergency preparedness during natural disasters. She has published peer-reviewed articles on clinical trials and health disparities. She has also served on numerous committees and task forces focused on community health, emergency preparedness, and chronic and infectious disease surveillance for local health departments.

Tasleem's work has been recognized by UC Davis Health's Faculty and Professional Development program with the Deans' 2019-2020 Team Award for Excellence. 

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Animated videos
  • Education material development
  • Tableau
  • Infographics
  • REDCap
  • Clinical data
  • Tobacco use
  • Minority health
  • Educational material development
  • Animated video creation 
  • M.P.H., Touro University
  • B.S., Human Development; Minor, Adult Development, Aging; University of California, Davis
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Public Speaking Engagements

  • Sacramento County Retail Campaign Data Presentation regarding Alcohol, Tobacco and Nutrition: Presented at various locations and events, including the Sacramento County Tobacco Control Coalition
  • Folsom Cordova Unified School District Health Advisory Board, Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Board). April- May 2014
  • California Tobacco Control Program “Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community” Retail Campaign Press Release: Assisted in organizing a local press release where we invited several Local Lead Agencies (Yolo County, Sutter County, Yuba County, San Joaquin County, Sacramento County, Gold Country, etc). March 2014