Community engagement is an important element that lies at the intersection of the Center for Healthcare Policy and Research’s (CHPR’s) three-pronged approach of facilitating research, promoting education, and informing policy related to health and healthcare.

Ensuring that health research is relevant and important to residents, patients, healthcare practitioners, policymakers, and communities is critical to any effort to improve health and healthcare systems. Neglecting to engage such stakeholders in health-related research, education, and policymaking can make acceptance and adoption of health interventions and recommendations—even those based on high-quality evidence—difficult or even impossible.

Engaging the public at large or members of a targeted stakeholder group around their values and opinions is crucial to understanding and creating the right conditions for evidence-based, health-related changes to take root and spread. Moreover, when there is no single “right” answer, eliciting peoples’ values and opinions at the outset of a research, education, or policy-making effort will greatly inform such efforts. Here at CHPR our research effort in community engagement is currently focused on the Population Health Group (PHG). We also provide community engagement services, using a specific process called “public deliberation,” through our partnership with the Center for Healthcare Decisions (CHCD).

Population Health Group (PHG)

Center for Healthcare Decisions (CHCD)