• CHPR News

    November 2021

UC Davis Health announced this month that it is partnering with AKT Development Corporation (AKT) to develop a future “Community for Health and Independence” near its planned Folsom Ranch medical campus. The UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR) informed this public-private partnership by preparing a white paper that explored how the two partners might leverage their respective experience and expertise to create a planned community focused on healthy aging in place for all its residents, including vulnerable and developmentally disabled adults.

The CHPR report includes a description of regional demographics, existing resources for older and vulnerable adults, examples of model communities, and an overview of research on use of technology, the built environment, and community-based interventions to facilitate aging in place. It also describes opportunities and challenges associated with the University maintaining a relationship with the future “Community for Health and Independence” that include conducting community-based research and education to eliminate current gaps in knowledge about the interplay between social, physical, and environmental factors that influence healthy aging.

More details about the “Community for Health and Independence” project and the partnership between UC Davis Health and AKT can be found in the UC Davis Health online Newsroom and in articles in the Sacramento Business Journal and The Sacramento Bee