• CHPR News

    January 2022

Photo of Dr. Dan Tancredi

The outcomes experienced by more than 3,000 children with COVID-19 who sought care at emergency departments (EDs) across 10 different countries were documented in a study published recently in JAMA Network Open. Two faculty affiliates of the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR) are among the study’s authors: Daniel Tancredi, a professor in the Pediatrics Department at UC Davis Health, and Nathan Kuppermann, chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at UC Davis Health. Kuppermann co-led the study.

Almost 23% of the children were hospitalized within two weeks of their visit to the ED and 3.3% suffered severe outcomes, including four who died. Seeking ED care 4-7 days after the start of symptoms (versus 0-3 days after their start), previously having had pneumonia, and having an underlying chronic condition were among the characteristics of children who experienced severe outcomes. The authors suggest that it may be useful to consider these risk factors when making clinical care decisions for children suffering with COVID-19.

More information about the study is available in the UC Davis Health Newsroom.