CHPR administrative staff members are available to provide financial administrative services to support the funded grants of CHPR faculty members. CHPR’s financial staff members are exceptionally skilled at planning for and managing large, complex projects, including:

  • coordinating contract-related interactions between researchers and funding agencies
  • overseeing all financial aspects of the project, including cost-recovery, purchasing, invoice processing, honoraria payments, subject incentive purchases, and travel and expenses reimbursements
  • ensuring timeliness and compliance with UC policy and agency regulations and providing investigators with expertise and recommendations for budget adherence, revisions, carry-forward, and no-cost extensions
  • executing independent contractor agreements, multi-campus agreements and subcontracts, and providing comprehensive project closeout services.

Financial administrators meet with PIs post-award to discuss immediate project needs and any changes to the project and budget that have occurred since proposal submission. They provide monthly financial summaries throughout the award period, including expenditure reports and budget projections for the end of the award year.

Our experienced financial team, which includes a Certified Research Administrator, manages extramural and intramural funding from many different sources, such as:

If you are a CHPR member and would like assistance from CHPR’s financial team, please fill out and submit our Request for Center Assistance form.

If you are not currently a CHPR member and would like assistance from CHPR’s financial team, consider becoming a member.