CHPR’s research staff members are available to assist CHPR faculty members in conducting their research.

Our seasoned staff has years of experience in managing and executing health services research projects. Research staff members have diverse academic and professional backgrounds in, for example, public health, sociology, psychology, statistics, and economics. Many CHPR research staff members have advanced degrees, including doctoral degrees. This transdisciplinary team provides unique in-house support for faculty with diverse research needs.

CHPR project managers work with principal investigators and other project stakeholders (both internal and external to UC Davis) to oversee skilled teams (from CHPR and elsewhere) of qualitative researchers, research assistants, policy analysts and biostatisticians, all with specialized expertise in conducting research on health services and health policies. CHPR research staff are highly flexible and versatile, capable of utilizing multiple research methods (e.g., randomized-controlled trials, cohort studies, research employing simulated patients, qualitative analyses, survey research, etc.) on research teams led by CHPR faculty that address a broad range of research questions.

Research Staff

CHPR’s research staff includes:

  • Project managers
  • Statisticians
  • Programmers
  • Health policy analysts
  • Qualitative researchers
  • Research assistants

If you are a CHPR member and would like assistance from CHPR’s research team, please fill out and submit our Request for Center Assistance form.

If you are not currently a CHPR affiliate member and would like assistance from CHPR’s research team, consider becoming an affiliate member.