Live, Interactive Appointments

Two people conducting a video visit with a physician via a mobile smartphone. (c) Adobe Stock. All rights reserved.At UC Davis Health, we're proud to offer patients the option of a video visit instead of a traditional in-person office visit. A video visit is a live, interactive visit that uses the MyUCDavisHealth app on a smartphone.

Video visits are frequently used for pre- and post-procedure care, mental health follow ups and psychology-related services, diabetes management and pharmacy consultations, and oncology follow-ups.

Ask your health care provider for more information about video visits, and how to get started.

For Physicians and Clinicians

Clinicians at UC Davis Health can find out more information about this service by typing "video visits" into the search bar on The Insider — UC Davis Health's internal website. Please note you must be on a computer that's within the UC Davis Health network to access this website.

Resources on the internal website include a toolkit for providers, which is filled with video visit instructions, policies, training materials, recorded training webinars, mock video visits and more. A clinic toolkit featuring scheduling instructions, frequently asked questions and workflows is also included.

For Patients

A health care appointment shouldn't add unnecessary stress to your busy day. That's why the UC Davis Health app brings the care team to you with convenient video visits. Learn more: