COVID-19 prevention

UC Davis Health is committed to providing you with the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 prevention and vaccines. Learn how to protect yourself and others from coronavirus spread:

  • COVID-19 testing and locations

    COVID-19 testing is important to preventing the spread of the virus. Learn when you should get a test and where you can find testing locations.

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  • 5 immune boosters to help keep you healthy amid COVID-19 outbreak

    A UC Davis Health dietitian shares some foods that can help boost your immune system and help protect you against COVID-19.

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  • Protect against COVID-19 by getting vaccinated

    COVID-19 vaccines have proven effective at preventing severe illness and hospitalization. Protect yourself and your family members as young as 5 years old by getting vaccinated.

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  • COVID-19 nutrition: 4 tips to keep your immune system in top shape

    Get advice for a well-balanced diet to help keep your body strong and lower your risk of contracting infectious diseases like COVID-19.

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  • N95 vs. surgical masks vs. cloth masks

    Health experts give you recommendations on the best face mask to prevent COVID-19. Learn more about how masks protect your and your family.

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  • Contact tracing

    Contact tracing is a crucial part of good public health, and everyone plays a role. Learn how contact tracing can help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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