As our community and the nation tries to adjust to life during the COVID-19 pandemic, UC Davis Health continues to provide exceptional care to help patients heal and get them back home to their families.

From our work treating these patients, we’re helping the world learn what works and developing best practices that we are sharing with others. See how we continue to help solve the COVID-19 crisis:

nurses and physicians in surgery

Developed COVID-19 standards 

Our experts have set COVID-19 standards at the state and national levels. This includes developing COVID-19 safety standards for surgeons and authoring COVID-19 guidelines for caring for pregnant mothers and newborns.

researchers using coronavirus testing maching

Established our own COVID-19 testing capabilities

We set up and validated our own testing capabilities and are using it to help others in the region. Since March, we have conducted more than 10,000 tests. Our lab team members were named to the Governor’s Task Force for COVID-19 testing.

tubes of blood

Exploring treatments for COVID-19

We're part of a national initiative investigating the potential benefits of using convalescent plasma with patients who have COVID-19. We've already successfully provided the experimental treatment to two COVID-19 patients. The treatment may boost a sick patient’s ability to neutralize COVID-19 and its effects.

Nurses looking at computer in hospital

Researching and informing the nation on COVID-19

We have learned and helped inform the nation that in routine patient care, the transmission of COVID-19 is via droplets or contact. In addition, we're researching a new form of COVID-19 in children that look like Kawasaki disease.

Physician talking to patient

Prepared to help Northern California

In our region, we've seen the benefit of shelter-in-place orders and haven't seen the patient surge that was originally predicted. Our hospital is open and available for any patients who may need them.

doctor holding a child

Caring for our patients

If you or a loved one need care, your health care team is here and ready. Telehealth video visits are an easy way to connect with your physician from the comfort of your home. For those who need to come to the hospital or our neighborhood clinics, we're taking steps to keep you and your family safe.

Dr. David Lubarsky being screened for COVID-19

Preparing for a new normal

Soon, the “new COVID-19 normal” will become as common as “flattening the curve.” We will still follow these precautions for many months more, possibly until a vaccine is developed.