CPI FacilitatorsCPI’s cornerstone training program, the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program, espouses a philosophy that focuses on providing the best possible Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security SM to staff members and those in their care. The emphasis is on prevention, de-escalation, and the use of physical intervention only as a last resort when an individual presents a danger to self or others.

The Nonviolent Crisis Intervention ® training program is embraced worldwide by organizations committed to providing quality care and services in a respectful, safe environment.

The strategies taught in the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention ® training program provide staff members with an effective framework for decision making and problem solving to prevent, de-escalate, and safely respond to disruptive or assaultive behavior. The philosophy relating to Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security SM expands throughout the continuum of interventions that are necessary when working toward reduction or elimination of restraint use.


UC Davis Health offers a number of course options for CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® education programs that are appropriate of all levels of UC Davis Health staff. The course matrix below explains the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® courses available at UC Davis Health. See each class webpage for more additional course information, requirements and registration.

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

The CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® class is a foundational course. This course is open to all UC Davis Health staff and UC Davis Police who work directly with patients/ family with a history of violence or experiencing a behavioral crisis.

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention: Refresher Phase 1

These courses are limited to staff for who ongoing training and certification is a requirement for their job. This includes mental health workers and designated responders who took the phase 1 Nonviolent Crisis Interventions® course. Proof of completion of a foundational course is required to register for these courses.

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention for Nonpatient Care Staff

UC Davis Health staff that interacts with patients/ family with history of violence or experiencing a behavioral crisis but do not provide direct (hands-on) patient care. 

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Postvention Skills

These courses are designed to reinforce Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® skills taught in the foundational courses. Simulation courses with in-depth application of the content and skills utilizing engaging scenarios.


Krystal Anaya
Health Professions Education Specialist