In late 2006, UC Davis was honored to be among the first 12 institutions to receive a coveted NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) marking an important recognition of the rich, collaborative culture at UC Davis. The $24.8 million award provided the foundation for a program that has blossomed since initiation in late 2006. During the years that have followed and the transition to the NCATS, the consortium of CTSA academic research institutions has expanded to 61 and our CTSA partners are currently located in 30 states and the District of Columbia. In 2011, the CTSC successfully competed for renewal and continues to expand our offerings in support translational research.

Initially the CTSC served as an incubator of ideas and a catalyst for partnerships at UC Davis and beyond. Today, the UC Davis CTSC offers a robust toolbox of resources that faculty, trainees, and staff across the scientific and medical spectrum can use to enhance research and improve health and health-care delivery. Whether you are a researcher, industry representative, potential scholar, or member of the community, we encourage you to visit our website and to explore the many services and resources that will benefit you and your colleagues.

The CTSC provides key services to investigators, trainees, and staff to facilitate clinical and translational research. Investigators who wish to include CTSC services and programs in their grant applications may use the following descriptive language. It is important to ensure that the costs of any services needed are obtained in advance of application for your research are included in the budget submitted. The best way to obtain the necessary information for submitted budgets and budget justifications are through an Application for Resource Use or you can contact individual program managers for additional information. Investigators will need a Kerberos ID and provide some basic information in order to process the request.