Please review the instructions on this page prior to submitting your request for CTSC services. After reviewing the instructions you will find the link to request for CTSC services at the bottom of this page.

  • If you have already requested services or are receiving CTSC support or services for an active/current study, please DO NOT submit a new request for services. Instead, email the new information or additionally requested services to the CTSC Concierge at
  • To see a complete list of services offered, click on the link immediately below: CTSC Service Catalog .

Please note: When requesting services through our service request application, we ask you to have the information described in the tabs below readily available. Failure to supply the requested information may result in a significant delay in processing your application.

Requirements for Each Type of Request

This information is required for all "Request for Services":

  • Today's date
  • Study Contact phone#
  • IRB status and protocol #
  • PI & Study Contact Name
  • PI Expertise
  • Study funding source
  • PI Department
  • Study Title
  • Financial point of contact
  • PI & Study Contact Email
  • Requested start date

Additional information needed for Biostatistical requests:

  • Type of investigation
  • Sample size of data
  • Deadline driving the work
  • Source of data
  • Biostatistician preference
  • Format of data

Note: Please follow the instructions below if you are planning to submit a request for EMR Data Retrieval:

  • Sign up for Cohort Discovery training and create a query for your research question.
  • Identify the source of funding that will support this project, if applicable.
  • Submit a copy of your IRB approval letter (PDF), along with a copy of the protocol describing your project.
  • In the Notes section of the request form indicate any firm deadlines for data retrieval and the reason for deadline (ex. grant application, thesis, or conference presentation).
  • If you are only submitting a request for EMR data retrieval, follow these instructions for submitting your request through UC Davis Health System Employee Self Service Catalog. If you are requesting multiple CTSC services, please complete the CTSC service request form in addition to the Employee Self Service Catalog request.

Additional information needed for Clinical Research Center Requests:

  • Upload a copy of your protocol along with your approved IRB documents (if available).
  • Provide a short description of the services you are requesting from the CCRC in the "Summary of Clinical Services Requested" text box.
  • Questions in regard to VA participation or engagement with the study.

If you utilize any CTSC services or resources, please include the following text in any resulting manuscripts, posters, or presentations:

"The project described was supported by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health, through grant number UL1 TR001860. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the NIH."

Manuscripts that result from projects that utilize CTSC services need to be uploaded to PubMed Central, as they are subject to the NIH Public Access Policy.

CTSC investigators and scholars who are not familiar with this process are urged to take advantage of the new manuscript deposition service offered by the CTSC by sending an email to request assistance immediately upon the publisher’s acceptance of the manuscript.

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