Clinical Trials Office

The Clinical Trials Office assists investigators, scholars, and staff in the conduct of clinical research by providing education in regulatory and clinical research administration, help with study recruitment, and a vast array of static and interactive resources to guide investigational teams through the myriad of local, state, and federal requirements. By supporting investigators with IRB and FDA applications, research budgeting and billing, and cost analysis, the CTSC facilitates efficient compliant clinical research at UC Davis. Additionally, the group provides investigators with access to a highly trained staff of clinical research coordinators who are experienced and trained in the complex clinical research environment and can help monitor, mentor, and foster quality assurance through all phases of a clinical research protocol.

In the News

Director of the UC Davis CTSC Clinical Trials Office Discusses the Importance of Clinical Research

Kate Marusina, director of CTSC Clinical Trials Office, being interviewed by television reporter.Kate Marusina, director of the CTSC Clinical Trials Office, oversees a team that provides support for clinical trials at UC Davis. UC Davis conducts more than 2,000 research studies at any given time, including basic science, translational, and clinical trial research — all with the goal of bringing new, effective, and safe treatments to patients more quickly.

In this brief interview conducted by a local TV station, Kate describes the importance of clinical research and highlights the use of StudyPages. This CTSC recruitment tool is an outward-facing resource that allows members of the public to browse and connect with active recruiting studies at UC Davis Health. Clinical footage features the CTSC Clinical Research Center (CCRC). Managed by Chris Kain, RN, M.S.N., the CCRC is a 3,500-square-foot outpatient clinic that provides flexible, carefully monitored clinical resources necessary for patient-oriented research focusing on human health and/or disease.

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