Image of flow of CTSA Trial Innovation Network

The Trial Innovation Network (TIN) is a resource that provides operational innovation for multicenter clinical trials by leveraging the expertise of the CTSA network to assist investigators with planning and execution.

Key elements of the TIN include:

  • Central IRB support
  • Standardized contracts
  • Data-driven recruitment strategies and stakeholder engagement
  • Assistance in protocol design and trial efficiency
  • Harmonized IT tools and approaches

The TIN consists of three key organizational partners:

  1. CTSA Program Hubs (e.g. UC Davis CTSC)
    • Innovate processes to increase the quality and efficiency of translational research, particularly of multisite trials.
    • Encourage faculty and investigators at their institutions to generate ideas for trials and studies.
    • Recognize the essential contributions and efforts of their local teams in executing multi-center clinical trials.
    • Create a culture in which key stakeholders play unique and important roles, and ultimately work together to build a national system to conduct clinical trials better, faster, and more cost-effectively.

  2. Trial Innovation Centers (TICs)
    • Coordinate and provide innovative, high quality operational support for clinical trials.
    • Focus on operational excellence, operational innovation, and quality by design.

  3. Recruitment Innovation Center (RIC)
    • Provide tools and services to enhance participant recruitment and retention.
    • Focus on innovative and evidence-based approaches to participant recruitment, retention, and engagement.

How to start? Prior to submitting a proposal to the TIN, contact the UC Davis CTSC Hub Liaison Team and submit a CTSC Service Request.