Dr. WunTed Wun

The CTSC has a strong foundation in the education and training of researchers. Currently, our portfolio includes two CTSA-funded programs (KL2 and Tl1) in conjunction with programs that originated from previous NIH funding (MCRTP and FUTURE). As a prime example of our impact on research, we congratulate Anu Erdembileg – former MCRTP and KL2 scholar – as the Assistant Dean for the School of Medicine Office of Research. We are also pleased to have been selected as a site for ICorps@NCATS, an entrepreneurship program for researchers who have an idea they wish to bring to the commercial market.

And now, we look forward to participating in the ARC-MD program. This innovative approach provides a pathway for medical students and residents to incorporate research into their career. We will partner with the School of Medicine and Office of Medical Education to provide unique and valuable experiences in clinical and translational research.

The CTSC also offers many additional opportunities for faculty and staff to gain training in research in biostatistics, community engagement, informatics, regulatory and clinical affairs, and translational research. Through our many programs, classes, and other resources, the CTSC is building research teams of the future to improve human health.

Updated 7/1/2019