Dr. WunTed Wun

In this issue we provide a sample of the breadth of clinical research activities of our center. As with most organizations the greatest asset is our people. Erik Henricson, associate professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation, is the faculty lead for the CTSC Regulatory Knowledge and Support program. Also featured is Daniel Nishijima, associate professor of emergency medicine – a graduate of the CTSC Mentored Clinical Research Training Program and former CTSC KL2 scholar. Exemplary in their academic pursuits and leadership roles, their experience speaks to the importance of formal training and mentorship – two pillars of the CTSC workforce development program.

We describe the Clinical Trials Office (CTO) and the CTSA Translational Innovation Network (TIN). Because the inception, design, conduct, analysis, and reporting of results has become more complex and rigorous, it indeed takes a village. The CTO provides the services necessary to conduct high quality trials and the TIN provides access to expertise through a national network for those who wish to conduct multicenter clinical trials. UC Davis investigators can access the TIN to improve the competitiveness of their trial proposals and integrate ancillary studies that would not otherwise have been possible. Recently, one of our junior investigators opened a multicenter trial and serves as a site principal investigator – a unique research experience that might not have been available to her without the use of these resources.

We also seek to expand our engagement and collaboration with community-based research efforts. One example is our support of Diana Miglioretti’s work to develop the Sacramento Area Breast Cancer Registry. Engaging patients and other stakeholders from the start informed her research priorities and resulted in a project more attuned to the concerns of and relevant to patients while maintaining scientific rigor.

Finally, we highlight our partnership with the UC Davis Alpha Stem Cell Clinic. Funded by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, this is one of five sites charged with conducting regenerative medicine clinical trials. Through this partnership, UC Davis investigators are at the forefront of cellular, gene augmentation, and regenerative medicine trials. Being housed within the CTSC Clinical Research Center allows a collaborative approach to ensure that this cutting edge research is conducted in a safe, compliant, and skilled clinical research environment.

Updated 11/27/2018