The Clinical Research Graduate Group is an interdisciplinary graduate group in clinical and translational research offering a Master of Advanced Study in Clinical Research degree. The Clinical Research degree program provides a solid clinical/translational research foundation for junior faculty, clinical and postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, medical students, and other health professionals interested in clinical research.


Our mission is to empower a new generation of exceptional clinical and translational investigators to advance human and animal health. The program will provide students with the foundations for disciplinary excellence, including the knowledge, skills and perspective to engage in interdisciplinary investigations that will result in innovation and accelerated rates of translation of basic biomedical science into clinically useful therapies. Our fundamental goal is to develop a qualitatively different investigator, who thrives in a multidisciplinary, team science environment, is committed to excellence, and has the skills to conduct innovative research leading to the practical application of biomedical discoveries that will improve human health, and thus enhance the quality of life in our communities.

Call for Applications

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