It is recommended that a student enroll during the first two years of their Ph.D. program.

To apply to the DE in Translational Research, you must be in one of the following graduate groups:

In addition, your mentor should be a member of the Designated Emphasis in Translational Research (DETR) faculty and you must be selected as DETR trainee prior to taking the Ph.D. qualifying examination of your degree program.

Step 1: Fill out the Designated Emphasis Application (GS323), submit to DE Coordinator for Chair signature.
Step 2: When you apply to take your QE, contact the DE Coordinator to have your QE form signed by the DE Chair.
Step 3: When you advance to Candidacy, contact the DE Coordinator to have your Candidacy (Plan A, B or C) form signed by the Chair.
Step 4: The Designated Emphasis Report Form Final Verification (GS324) must be filed with the Office of Graduate Studies when all degree requirements for the designated emphasis have been met.