Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Faculty in Excellence and Diversity (FED)

The general charge for the committee is to address the professional and development needs of our under represented minority (URM) faculty by facilitating the dissemination of knowledge, skills and resources necessary to achieve successful careers in academic medicine. In addition, the committee will assist the School of Medicine and the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing as "content experts" in highlighting the unique needs of URM faculty to aid in the recruitment and retention here at UCD Health.

The FED meetings are held every second Thursday of the month, 12-1pm. Locations may vary. If you have questions, you can contact Marian Brotzman ( or call 916-734-2926.

Faculty in Excellence and Diversity Committee Members

Adrienne Lawson, EdD, (ex-officio)
Brent Seifert, JD,  (ex-officio)
Catherine Cansino, MD, MPH,
Colleen Clancy, MD, MPH, (ex-officio)
Edward Callahan, PhD,
Elham Vali Betts, MD,
Erik Fernandez y García, MD, MPH,
Ester Carolina Apesoa-Varano, PhD,
Hannah Laqueur, PhD, MA, MPA,
Hendry Ton, MD, MS, (ex-officio)
Jann Murray-García, MD, MPH,
Jose Morfín, MD,
Kara Toles, MD,
Kupiri Ackerman-Barger, PhD, RN,
Lorena García, PhD, MPH,
Micaela Godzich, MD,
Mariam Nuño, PhD,
Olivia Campa, MD,
Poh Choo How, MD, PhD,
Ruth Shim, MD, MPH, (Chair)
Verónica Martínez-Cerdeño, PhD, (Vice Chair)
Vladimir Diaz-Ochoa, Postdoctoral Scholar (Fellow),