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Prep Médico 2020

Prep Medico applications for our 2020 program have now closed.

About Prep Médico

The UC Davis School of Medicine and The Permanente Medical Group are pleased to offer this six-week residential pipeline program for freshman and sophomore college students. This program seeks to build the next generation of physicians committed to serving and advancing the health of the Latinx communities in California.

  • Shadow health professionals at UC Davis Medical Center and Kaiser facilities
  • Examine Latinx health disparities and the social determinants of health
  • Participate in medical stimulation labs
  • Understand their personal leadership style and develop new skills
  • Recieve structured academic advising and mentoring
  • Scholars may be eligible for a stipend upon successful completion of the program
  • First- or second-year college student (or community college)
  • Resident of the Central Valley or Northern California
  • Completion of English Composition AND one semester/quarter of General Chemistry OR General Biology 
  • GPA of 2.85 or higher
  • Demonstrated interest in becoming a physician and serving Latinx communities
  • Proof of all required immunizations (click here for required immunizations) 
  1. I am currently a sophomore, but after the spring semester, I will be considered a junior. Can I still apply to the Prep Médico program?
    1. Yes, rising junior students can apply to the Prep Médico program for this summer.
  2. I am a junior/senior at my community college. Can I still apply to the Prep Médico program?
    1. Yes, all community college students are eligible.
  3. I am currently attending a state school. Is the program only available to UC students?
    1. The Prep Médico program is offered to all freshmen and sophomore students from the Community Colleges, California State Universities and the University of California schools.
  4. I am currently attending an international school. Can I still apply?
    1. Applicants must be residing in the Central Valley or Northern California.
  5. I currently reside in southern California. Can I still apply?
    1. The extensive research completed for this program shows that the Northern and Central Valley regions have the greatest need for physicians. Therefore, at this time, the funding for our program will invest in the students who live and attend college in these regions. You may still apply, however, applicants residing in the Northern and Central Valley regions will receive priority.
  6. Can DACA or AB540 students apply to the program?
    1. Yes, DACA and AB540 students are welcome to apply to the Prep Médico program.
  7. Can my high school chemistry and/or biology courses count towards the Prep Médico course requirements?
    1. We do not accept high school level/AP courses to substitute the science or English requirements for our program.
  8. I am currently in the process of finishing my General Biology/General Chemistry course. Can I still apply, or do I need to wait until the course is on my official transcript?
    1. We recommend that you submit your unofficial transcript upon applying to the program. If you are accepted into the program, you will need to submit another copy showing your final grade and successful completion of the course.
  9. I am a college freshman and have not taken any English classes, but I have both General Chemistry and General Biology. Can I still apply to the Prep Médico program?
    1. The requirements are the completion of either General Chemistry OR General Biology, in addition to English.
  10. My GPA is lower than 2.85. Can I still apply to the program?
    1. We encourage all students to apply. The Admissions Committee will review all applications.
  11. Can I take summer school classes during the program?
    1. Students will NOT be able to take summer school classes, or work during the program. This is an intensive 6-week program, and students will be in classes from 8:00am-5:00pm (Mon-Fri), and include some evening and weekend activities.
  12. What does “first generation, historically disadvantaged background” mean?
    1. Generally, students in this status also qualify for financial aid such as Pell grants, BOG grants, EOP grants, etc. The Admissions Committee who will be reviewing the applications will determine the eligibility of each applicant.
  13. What is a college financial aid letter? What do I need to do?
    1. Generally, students receive a financial aid award letter from their campus at the beginning of the academic year. This letter will outline the types of funding awarded to each student from their Pell Grant, BOG grants, EOP grants, work study, loans, etc. Please contact your Financial Aid Office to obtain a copy of your 2019-2020 grants and scholarships. FAFSA reports are NOT acceptable as proof of financial aid. Alternatively, you may attach a copy of your award package page/summary for the 2019-2020 academic year from your online student account. This summary must list your name and the type of financial aid awards received, and the amounts received.
  14. I am not receiving any financial aid – what should I submit in the financial aid section of my application?
    1. Please upload a PDF document with your name, current school, and indicate that you are not currently receiving any financial aid. If you wish, you may explain why you are not receiving/not eligible for financial aid.
  15. I am not currently receiving financial aid at my home institution. Can I still apply to the Prep Médico program?
    1. All students are encouraged to apply. However, applicants will be required to provide evidence of financial need – for example: government subsidies, unemployment, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).
  16. Can the uploaded transcripts be unofficial transcripts?
    1. Yes, you can upload unofficial transcripts. However, if you are accepted into the program, you will need to submit another copy showing your final grade and successful completion of the required course(s).
  17. What will the Prep Médico program cover?
    1. The Prep Médico program does its best to cover housing and transportation to and from the dorms to the UC Davis Medical Center for all accepted students. Any additional expenses such as laundry, meals and weekend excursions will be the responsibility of the student.
  18. Is there a guideline that should be followed for the letters of recommendation? Is there a limit of how long the letters need to be?
    1. The letters should be no longer than 1-2 pages. You should share the Prep Médico website with the professionals who will write your letters so that they have a full picture of the program. Letters of recommendation must be in PDF format, and include the writer’s signature. A guideline for letters of recommendation can be found on our Prep Médico Application Resources page.
  19. To whom should the letter of recommendation be addressed?
    1. If you do not wish to upload your letter of recommendation with your application, or if your recommender would like to send it to us directly, they can be emailed to: hs-prepmedico@ucdavis.edu.
  20. Do the letters of recommendation need to be from professors, or can they be from other faculty/staff, or work supervisors?
    1. Letters of recommendation can be written by professionals who can speak to your academic and professional goals. Professors, counselors, mentors and supervisors from health-related or community-related internships, shadowing or work experiences are acceptable. Please see our Application Resources page for our Letter of Recommendation Guidelines.
  21. Do we need to physically mail in any part of the application?
    1. No documents are required to be mailed to our office.
  22. Am I able to save my application for completion at a later time?
    1. Unfortunately, our application system does not allow you to save your application. Please ensure that you have all materials ready when filling out your application to prevent the loss of any information. Once submitted, you will not be able to update your application.
  23. I’ve submitted my application. Is there anything else that I need to submit?
    1. There are no additional documents required at this time. However, it is highly encouraged that all applicants have up-to-date immunization records. Without a completed health requirements form, your application WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Immunization requirement details can be found on our Application Resources page. NOTE: Costs associated with required testing and immunizations are the responsibility of the student.

If you have any other questions not answered here please email us at: hs-prepmedico@ucdavis.edu