The Glaucoma Service at the UC Davis Eye Center is comprised of four faculty, Dr. James Brandt, Dr. Michele Lim, Dr. Annie Baik, and Dr. Jenny Chen. As a clinical division, we provide care to both complex, tertiary-level patients with glaucoma as well as to those with less complex disease presentations. As such, our trainees gain experience with a wide array of patients with this potentially blinding disease. This website is intended to provide case material that will enhance the understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma through narrated videos and grand rounds cases.

Surgical Videos

Ab Interno Cyclodialysis Cleft Repair

This is a video describing the repair of a cyclodialysis cleft from an ab interno approach. The patient was a 67 year old gentleman who had developed a cyclodialysis cleft after pars plana vitrectomy and placement of a sewn-in posterior chamber intraocular lens.

Supramid Suture Technique To Reverse Hypotony In An Eye With a Baerveldt Glaucoma Implant

This video describes the use of supramid suture to reverse hypotony in a glaucoma drainage device. The patient was a 70 year old woman with a carotid-cavernous fistula who developed hyptony after implantation of a Baerveldt Glaucoma Implant

Mitomycin-C Preparation And Injection Technique For Trabeculectomy

This is a video explaining how to prepare mitomycin-C (MMC) for injection during trabeculectomy surgery. It features Mitosol which is an FDA approved kit containing MMC however, the principles of dilution can be applied to any formulation of MMC.

Grab, Pull, Hang Technique For Tying Off A Running Suture

This is a suture technique for tying off a running suture that will help you avoid a tangled "knot within a knot" mess.

Throwing The Needle Off The Field

This is a suture technique that will keep your suture from bunching up thus making it easier for you to tie the knot.

Slip Knot Technique For Eye Surgery

This is a basic slip knot tie that can come in handy for any ophthalmic surgery. The technique creates a knot whose tension can be adjusted easily. It is especially handy for trabeculectomy flap sutures or penetrating keratoplasty sutures.

Other Tools

Humphrey Visual Field Shield