University of California policy requires all campuses to have a Long Range Development Plan (LRDP).  A LRDP is defined as a “physical development and land use plan to meet the academic and institutional objectives for a particular campus or medical center of public higher education” (Public Resources Code of the State of California Section 21080.09). It is a comprehensive document that establishes the land use patterns and relevant policies to guide implementation of facilities and infrastructure.


In 1989, the Regents of the University of California approved a LRDP for the Sacramento campus. The 1989 LRDP described potential growth on the Stockton Boulevard site over a period of about twenty years.


The Health System’s research and clinical enterprise have grown dramatically during the past two decades and much of this growth occurred on the UC Davis Sacramento campus. Since 1990, total square feet on the Sacramento campus increased from approximately 900,000 gross square feet (gsf) to approximately 3.4 million gsf.  The vision for the campus anticipates continued growth to support new research initiatives, implementation of the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, and ongoing development and expansion of the clinical enterprise.


The 2010 Long Range Development Plan for the UC Davis Sacramento campus, which provides the primary setting for the UC Davis Health, builds upon the plans and strategies embodied in the 1989 LRDP and other, subsequent planning. Importantly, it shares the basic goals of that previous LRDP:  to provide a flexible, attractive campus environment capable of accommodating current and future operations and facilities associated with this world-class medical institution. The 2010 LRDP will provide a general land use plan that will allow the UC Davis Health to achieve its education, clinical, research and engagement goals. It is also intended to help direct the ongoing creation of an attractive campus environment which is mindful of local and global issues including sustainability.


The campus evaluated the Draft 2010 LRDP for potential environmental impacts pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The 2010 LRDP Draft Environmental Impact Report (hereinafter 2010 LRDP Draft EIR) analyzed the potential environmental impacts of implementing the 2010 LRDP and the Graduate Studies Center project. On November 18, 2009, a Notice of Preparation, including an Initial Study was published for the 2010 LRDP EIR and on April 14, 2010, a Revised Notice of Preparation was published for the Graduate Studies Center. The State Clearinghouse Number assigned for the project is 2009112060.


In November 2010, The Regents approved the 2010 Long Range Development Plan and certified the LRDP Final EIR. 


Document Availability

Copies of the 2010 LRDP, Draft EIR volumes I & II, and Final EIR are available for review during normal operating hours at the UCDH Office of Facilities Design & Construction in the Facilities Support Services Building at the address below; at the Blaisdell Medical Library on the UC Davis Sacramento campus; and online (see links below).