Academic medicine and science are undergoing unprecedented transformation and leaders that can navigate this new landscape are needed to drive future change and shape the future to improve healthcare for all.

UC Davis Health seeks to identify, invest in, train and develop leaders that are diverse learners, able to collaborate, innovate, and drive our future.

Program Goals

The Advancing Leadership Across the Health Sciences program launched in July of 2018 and serves as a leadership innovation hub to:

  • Develop, evaluate, and support opportunities and paths to leadership across the academic lifespan
  • Identify and train high-potential multilevel learners in the UC Davis Health schools of medicine and nursing from health science trainees to senior faculty
  • Manage an inventory of internal and external leadership development opportunities
  • Increase diversity in leadership
  • Conduct scholarly research to build the evidence-base for outcomes based approaches to leadership development in academic health sciences
  • Establish UC Davis Health as a national leader in health sciences leadership development

Genesis of Program and Strategic Plan

Each academic medical center celebrates its own successes and faces its own unique challenges with regard to the status and advancement of its faculty. The percentages of women and underrepresented minority (URM) faculty in top leadership positions at UC Davis Health remains low compared to men and Association of American of Medical Colleges (AAMC) benchmarks, and there are few perceived leadership advancement paths for women and URM faculty. 

The aspirational goal of Advancing Leadership Across the Health Sciences is to enhance leadership opportunities and development for faculty, especially women and underrepresented minorities, in our schools of health at UC Davis.

Loss of career opportunity for advancement is the number one reason faculty leave intellectual, capital-rich industries. Thus, the primary goal of Advancing Leadership Across the Health Sciences is to enhance leadership opportunities and development for faculty, especially women and URM, in our schools of health at UC Davis. “Making room” at the top for women and URM leaders requires system change, intentionality, and creating a pipeline and pathways to leadership.

The UC Davis Health strategic plan for Advancing Leadership and Across the Health Sciences aims to enrich the user’s understanding of the state of leadership development for faculty in our schools of health — with special emphasis on the critical needs for women and URM faculty — by providing the context of a national perspective utilizing multiple data sources, referencing scholarly work from our own faculty and research experience, and identifying actionable strategic priorities resulting from a strategic planning process, with the goal of catalyzing opportunities and paths to leadership in our schools of health.

Data and recommendations presented in this plan are designed to equip those advocating for the advancement of women and URM faculty in medicine and health sciences leadership with a baseline from which to examine institutional practice, advocate for four identified strategic priority themes, and support further scholarship to develop and support evidence-based approaches and best practices for leadership development.

By advancing leadership for all faculty, including for women and URM in the health sciences, we advance the excellence and diversity that is so vital to achieving our academic missions.

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