Mentoring Academy Modules 4 & 5

This session discusses promoting professional development, fostering mentee independence, to include how to foster an inclusive environment where everyone can do their best learning and create the highest quality of research, both because of and in spite of their diverse perspectives.

This event combines Module 4 & Module 5
This course is part of our core curriculum for the Mentoring Academy workshop series.

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Mentoring Academy iconA quick glance at the Mentoring Academy

This program focuses on disseminating mentoring best practices for faculty in the health sciences. Our workshops for mentees and mentors address how to foster an environment that values and supports mentoring in research, education and career progression.

Our audience — We serve the professional and career development needs of assistant and early associate professors but are open to all faculty desiring a mentoring environment to help achieve their professional goals.

Mission — Develop the next generation of independent, highly successful academic faculty and advance the UC Davis Schools of Health.

Vision — Reorient the culture of the institution to support, reward, and enhance quality mentoring in the human health sciences.

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What our program participants say…

Aubyn Stahmer, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Mentoring supports my academic life

Being in academia provides the opportunity to participate in cutting edge research with brilliant collaborators. Implementation science research allows me to bring science to a diverse group of people that I might not otherwise ever get to meet, in my neighborhood and across the world.

— Former mentee, Aubyn Stahmer, Ph.D., M.P.H., Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Sandhya Venugopal M.D.

Find a good mentor early on

Probably the most important element, especially early on, is to find a good mentor. An excellent mentor is one who understands your level of skills, knows what your career goals are, and is able to guide you through a successful path.

— Current Department Mentoring Director, Sandhya Venugopal M.D., MS-HPEd, Health Sciences Clinical Professor, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Associate Director, Cardiovascular Fellowship Program, Associate Dean Continuing Medical Education